Life patterns

What is a life pattern?

Life patterns are defined as attitudes, habits and behaviours that we repeat over and over, more or less unconsciously, in most of the life situations we experience. Through repetition they become fixed, or stuck, in our bodies.They provoke the same, or similar, reactions even when situations are very different: we tend to always feel angry, hurt, isolated, lonely, small, misunderstood, tired, not good enough etc. Or we tend to always abandon, ignore, freeze, fight etc. This results in us dealing with many areas of our life from habit rather than based on what the current situation requires.

What are the impacts of fixed patterns in our lives?

They affect how we move, breathe, speak or stand. They can be experienced as pains, tensions or discomfort. They increase the risk for physical symptoms to become recurrent or persistent; for example headaches, migraines, back pain, tense neck or shoulders, digestive problems etc. Life patterns thus become obstacles in our lives, cause damage to our health and our bodies and drain us of vital energy. Patterns repeated over a long time become equivalent to who we are, they define us as individuals and it becomes an absolute truth that ‘I am like this’. They form part of how we communicate, not only in words but also with our bodies and our being.

Why are these patterns developed?

Our most significant patterns developed at an early age or in situations when we did not know how to deal with experiences or events that were very intense or recurred many times. A great portion of how we act has its origin in our attempts to avoid fear or pain; this part of life is often difficult for us to handle.

How can I learn to control or stop a pattern?

To physically be aware of how you hold a fixed pattern in your body, e.g. the tensions, the way you breathe, the lack of sensations etc. and to learn to control your body to stop, drop or let go provides a very concrete way to how to change a pattern. When you stop, drop or let go you gain energy and increase your awareness and perception, you gain options of how to be, act and interact with all that is you. It is a powerful act that can be felt as making peace with yourself. This is what we practice in a session.